ver la mejor película española este invierno escalofriante

mikesmithgstsSeptember 21, 2022

Before you begin watching a movie, are you waiting for the green light? Find me coming to your aid.

We are all preparing to mark the end of the year by checking off all the items that have been sitting dormant on our bucket lists all year. Winter is just around the corner.

Do you concur?

On the weekends, my friends and I always want to watch a few movies, but we usually end up spending the entire day in bed. However, we feel just as happy as you do when we watch a movie in Spanish.

Additionally, you are not required to step outside of your comfort zone.

As a result, I decided to share my selection of the best Spanish movies you may watch this winter to assist you.

Consider that you have the day off on a chilly winter day. You and your friend are eating some delectable appetizers while lounging on a sofa and watching a wonderful movie.

That would be a day full of adventure.

¿Buscando por todos lados una buena película española?

principales peliculas


You may now put an end to your search since I’m about to share the details of the top movies that you can binge-watch whenever you like.

What are you still holding out for? Go ahead and start by turning on your device:

  • Veronica I advise you to start with this frightening film. The movie earned 63 lakh USD at the box office and made it onto the list of highest-grossing movies.

  • Open your eyes Even though this movie is old, I highly recommend it if you haven’t watched it. You should try watching this movie if you enjoy mysteries or want some drama.
  • Mirage

    Have you viewed the aforementioned motion pictures?

    These movies must have been seen by Spanish viewers at some point in their lives.

    In a word, this film falls under the “Thriller” subgenre and strives to keep you entertained at all times.

  • Below Zero

    Searching for another thing?

    You don’t need to look any further since this action-packed film has you covered.

    Who knows how? The Goya Award for Best Editing and the Gaud Award for Best Visual Effects have both been nominated for the movie. And these nominations are already considering the film’s quality.

  • Sleep tight

    Ready to experience fear?

    You must have discovered that the winter months are the greatest for relaxing and enjoying a nighttime movie.

    And you’ll have guessed that it’s a horror film when I utter the word “night.”

    Your company is on par with mine. Purchase this film now to experience some of the most terrifying moments of your life.

¿Ya viste esta película? Bueno, puedes probar estos

I’d want to make a few more recommendations as I’m unsure if you enjoyed the films I listed above or if you’ve already seen them.

I shall?

  1. The platform
  2. The invisible guest
  3. Crazy about her
  4. Love’s a bitch
  5. The occupant
  6. Xtreme
  7. You’ve got this
  8. Clueless
  9. Wild tales
  10. Spanglish

The list keeps going on and on.

Mira algunas buenas películas españolas en plataformas OTT

It’s clear.

Nowadays, the majority of us have Netflix, Amazon Prime, Disney Hotstar, and other subscriptions.

Apology? You are not a subscriber.

If you truly want to make the most of your weekends, you can easily subscribe to one of these services.

Believe me, they are not that pricey.

And once your subscription is available, you can start your entertainment trip with any of the following films:

  1. Money heist
  2. Amar
  3. Pocoyo
  4. Don’t listen
  5. Locked up

An OTT platform works when language stands between you and a Spanish-language film.

But how is that even conceivable?

Guys, the good news is that you can change the language and enable subtitles on these sites.

I could now sense the delight in your heart.

So I’ll now bid you farewell. Tada.


The movies I’ve listed above will undoubtedly be helpful to you, whether you seek a thrilling experience or a sense of humor.

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