Las diez mejores series de Netflix en español

mikesmithgstsSeptember 21, 2022

Even if you believe you have seen every major Spanish-language programme, there may be recent releases that you missed. If you’re seeking new Spanish-language shows to watch, there are lots of compelling options. These programmes are fantastic for learning Spanish for anyone who is studying the language.

Given how widely utilised Netflix is, I thought I’d share this insightful article with you so you can enjoy it and have a positive movie streaming experience.

Because it contains subtitles and the best part is that you can also hear the dialogue in your local language, Spanish moviegoers prefer this OTT platform to broadcast programmes from other nations.

Isn’t it incredible?

But the actual query is: Why should you care about viewing Spanish-language television?

The answer, however, is pretty straightforward and may change depending on several factors.

My belief is that, in addition to giving us a better understanding of the cultural and other customs practised in that area, it also enables us to learn more about those nations from the comfort of our own homes.

Having said that, let’s look at the top Netflix shows you really must see. And I have no doubt that once you start watching these shows, you’ll fall in love with them as well.

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    • Monarca (Monarch) 

      To inherit their father’s business, the three brothers Joaqun (Juan Manuel Bernal), Andrés (Osvaldo Benavides), and Ana Mara (Irene Azuela) compete. His mother must decide which of her children is capable in the wake of his father’s unexpected death. The producer of both seasons is actress Salma Hayek, who is of Mexican heritage.

    • Club de Cuervos 

      There are many intriguing and enjoyable shows on Spanish television. Club de Cuervos is a new Spanish series that Netflix has added to their already amazing library. The show, which debuted in August 2015, provides a behind-the-scenes look at a fictitious soccer dynasty. It defies stereotypes while also having some amusing moments. Both beginning and experienced students will benefit from seeing these shows.

    • Sky Rojo 

      Gina (Yany Prado), Wendy (Lali Espósito), and Coral (Verónica Sánchez) collaborate in a brothel called Las Novias Club. A sad turn of circumstances, however, prompts the three women to flee together in quest of freedom. Romeo (Asier Etxeandia), their boss, is unfortunately named after the group.

    • Cable Girls (Las Chicas del Cable) 

      If you want to become fully immersed in Spanish culture, watch Las Chicas del Cable. In the 1920s, when Spain had just established its first national telephone company, the television series is set in Madrid. Examine the roles of women and the development of gender equality. Four ladies who work for the same company and each have a unique story to tell are the subjects of this historical drama. While some of the women are fortunate to leave violent marriages behind, others struggle to develop in their jobs. Don’t miss this series since it is very compelling!

    • Someone Has to Die (Alguien tiene que morir) 

      You’ve found the ideal location if you’re seeking for a dramatic and downbeat series that isn’t too grim. A grim and dismal television series called “Someone Has to Die” is set in 1950s Spain. This series stands out for its superb casting, moving storylines, and expertly muted cinematography despite its tragic plot and four deaths. During the most important scenes, the series’ overarching subject also lends a hint of suspense.

    • Velvet 

      Ana (Paula Echevarra), who was orphaned at an early age, relocates to Madrid and meets Alberto (Miguel Angel Silvestre). As they age together, they develop a loving bond. However, the relationship is ended when their families send them in separate directions. Alberto returns years later and learns that he will have to put in some effort to win Ana over. The four seasons can be entertaining to watch.

    • The Minions of Midas  

      This six-episode Spanish drama series is about an extortion racket in which an enigmatic figure threatens to kill a random individual and then hands the CEO an extortion letter. The show, which is based on a 120-year-old short story by Jack London, has Victor Genoves as its enigmatic lead.

    • Alta Mar (High Seas) 

      In May 2019, the Spanish mystery and suspense series High Seas (Alta Mar) was made available on Netflix. A luxurious ship departs from Spain for Brazil to start the story. Along with other actors, it features Chiqui Fernández, Tamar Novas, Ivana Baquero, Alejandra Onieva, Jon Kortajarena, and Eloy Azorn.


  • Hache 

    Hache, a Spanish criminal drama on television, is produced by Verónica Fernández. The 1960s drug trade in Barcelona is the setting for the television series. The story starts when Helena, a lady, finds herself in a challenging circumstance after her husband is detained and requires legal counsel. Enjoy the surprises by watching the series.

  • Rebelde 

    The Spanish television series Rebelde, created by Santiago Limón, debuted on Netflix on January 5, 2022. the collection. The story starts as a new group of pupils enters the Elite Way School, also known as EWS, an international boarding school.

    Check out these fantastic crime thriller movies and TV shows that they have available. Depending on your interests, you can browse various well-known series. I sincerely hope you like seeing it!

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Now that you know a little bit about the history of each of these series, you may choose whichever movie you want to see over the weekend.

Wait, before we wrap up this subject, let me offer you some personal counsel based on my experience.

If you haven’t figured it by now, I’d advise using a fast internet connection on your devices to make watching movies an enjoyable experience.

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I hope you enjoyed reading and found it worthwhile to think about. If that is the case, I encourage you to save this article for later use or to share it with other fans of Spanish-language films. Additionally, if you wish to view these series while flying or in a location with poor internet access, you can download them.


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