Las 20 mejores películas navideñas disponibles en Netflix

mikesmithgstsSeptember 21, 2022

Good movies never get old to watch, especially if you plan to spend the holidays at home.

And I can state with confidence that you fall into this group. And that is how you ended up here.

Not in that way, is it?

Netflix is the first name that springs to mind when it comes to watching movies. For those looking to stream web series, films, and entertainment of many genres, this is the go-to location.

Do you not concur?

As we are all aware, Christmas is rapidly approaching.

So in that case, I definitely want to talk about the Netflix holiday movie selection.

Aquí está la lista de películas navideñas recomendadaspeliculas navidenas ver netflix


I’ll discuss several movies right here that you shouldn’t miss. The list that is shown was developed after taking into account the favorable comments from numerous viewers.

Additionally, these films have been praised highly by a variety of film critics.

Entonces, exploremos la lista de inmediato:

  1. Un niño llamado Navidad
  2. Solo hasta el final
  3. Un castillo para Navidad
  4. Jingle Jangle: Un viaje navideño
  5. guión y lirio
  6. La aplicación que robó la Navidad
  7. Operación Gota de Navidad
  8. Vacaciones
  9. klaus
  10. Una Navidad muy campestre
  11. captura de navidad
  12. Las crónicas navideñas
  13. príncipe de navidad
  14. Deja que nieve
  15. Vacaciones en la naturaleza
  16. El interruptor de la princesa
  17. supervivencia navideña
  18. niña santa
  19. vacaciones trolls
  20. 48 deseos de Navidad

These were some of the top Christmas movies available on Netflix, so there you have it.

I can’t, however, let you see some of these movies if you request them. So, if you’d like, you can accompany me and learn more about the history of these films.

You will undoubtedly enjoy the movies I suggest, I promise.

Therefore, without further ado, let’s look at them.

Una revisión de algunas de mis sugerencias personales.

Make sure you have a Netflix account before reading this background information about some of my favorite Christmas movies.

This is so because those who already stream Netflix or who intend to do so should find this post useful.

Let’s discuss several Christmas movies that you can watch on Netflix based on my personal preferences:

    • Las crónicas navideñas 
      Two brothers, Kate and Teddy, are really interested in capturing Santa on video. Watch this movie right immediately to find out whether or not they are successful.
    • El interruptor de la princesa 

      Isn’t it odd and unsettling all at once to run into someone who resembles you exactly?

      The two girls in this movie actually switch identities in order to fall for each other’s boyfriends, not merely because they cross paths.

    • Un niño llamado Navidad 

      In this particular film, a youngster embarks on a perilous adventure across the snow in search of his long-lost father.

      To discover if you can meet your father or if you end up in sorrow, watch the movie.

    • Klaus 

      This is the tale of a postman who, forced to relocate, found his calling in a new location before joining a toy company that seeks to make the world a happier place.
    • Vacaciones 

      The love of your life may come into your life in the most unlikely circumstances, and this story illustrates this in a completely different way.

      In this tale, two strangers stumble upon one another and end up falling in love.

Ultimas palabras-

Checking a movie’s history, reviews, and comments is always a better idea than wasting two or three hours watching it.

And I’ve done my best in this article to show you some of the top Christmas movies available on Netflix.

I sincerely hope you enjoyed my suggestions. Tada.

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